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Ultrasound technologist are always students

Just because you are a new ultrasound technologist doesn't mean you should remove yourself from "student" mode. Being a sonography student is a continual thing. The desire to learn, take notes, attempt to scan, and to gain knowledge in the ultrasound specialty that you are employed in are all just as important as if you [...]

Ultrasound technologist are always students2016-11-18T11:17:39-04:00

Accurate detection of IUD placement using 3D ultrasound

Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) are a form of birth control that prevents implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus. Some IUDs contain copper, have side effects, and must be placed inside the uterus by a healthcare professional. The number of years that an IUD is effective depends on the type of IUD. Signs of complications [...]

Accurate detection of IUD placement using 3D ultrasound2016-11-11T13:36:33-04:00

Subchorionic Hemorrhage

I have always wanted to know if subchorionic hemorrhages (bleeding around the gestational sac)were related to pregnancy loss. I heard yes and no but no concrete answer to data to justify it. Sonographers and radiologists have told me that it depends on the size of the hemorrhage and the ratio of it to the gestational sac. I have [...]

Subchorionic Hemorrhage2016-11-04T20:37:50-04:00

Liver Doppler: Portal Hypertension

Liver Dopplers can be very difficult to complete depending on the level of the diseased liver. A liver becomes diseased from hepatitis, cirrhosis, alcohol abuse, or other factors. Portal Hypertension means there is elevated pressure in the portal venous system within the liver. Cirrhosis, obstruction, and liver diseases can cause portal hypertension (HTN, the medical abbreviation for hypertension). Viral [...]

Liver Doppler: Portal Hypertension2016-11-02T14:54:22-04:00


Over the years I have found that hernias are the most challenging exams for me. I've learned that if you know the name of the hernia you can go directly to the location that it would be in and scan. Listed below are the different types of hernias and their locations: Umbilical----------------------umbilical area Ventral hernia-----------------at the LLL (left lobe of liver) [...]


What we see

Since it is ultrasound awareness month I decided to make this post just a fun fact. Have you ever been in the middle of an ultrasound exam and have the patient and/or their family member consistently call out what the images on your screen were? I know most of you have. Today I am going [...]

What we see2016-10-04T17:07:20-04:00

Registry Reviews

SONONOTES study guides have been created to assist sonographers and students with studying for the ARDMS registries. The first review that is available for purchase is the pediatric sonography study guide. The pediatric sonography study guide has been written by a sonographer so your getting great information from a sonographers perspective. It is filled with over [...]

Registry Reviews2016-10-11T12:27:23-04:00

Sonographer Recertification

My thought on the recertification requirement released by the ARDMS yesterday: After taking a day to think about the information that was sent, I have mixed views. My thought is that this recertification process can have two outcomes. Outcome 1 (Bad): A decline in the number of registered sonographers due to the number of failed [...]

Sonographer Recertification2016-09-27T17:13:19-04:00