Subchorionic Hemorrhage

I have always wanted to know if subchorionic hemorrhages (bleeding around the gestational sac)were related to pregnancy loss. I heard yes and no but no concrete answer to data to justify it. Sonographers and radiologists have told me that it depends on the size of the hemorrhage and the ratio of it to the gestational sac. I have found any research on the subject yet; however, I did find this article based on a prospective observational study of 1, 115 pregnant women of whom 142 had documented subchorionic hemorrhages. Researcher in this study found that there was no statistically significance between the presence of subchorionic hemorrhage and miscarriages. As the article mentions to study the relationship between subchorionic hemorrhage size and miscarriage is yet to be. So, with that being said how many of you will continue to measure subchorionic hemorrhages or do you feel a documented note of its presence is satisfactory? Images of subchorionic hemorrhages are seen below.



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