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Topics Covered In The Book

Anatomy & Physiology

Brief of normal anatomy


Pathological ultrasound findings

Integration of Data

Evaluation of other imaging modalities pathological appearances compared to ultrasound and interpretation of clinical data


Images required to successfully complete specific ultrasound exams


Patient trauma, medical emergencies, and procedures

Test Your Knowledge

Test your knowledge – 100 review questions with CMEs (if applicable)

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Pediatric Practice Quiz


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Abdomen Practice Quiz


About Author

Yonella Demars MSRS RDMS (Ab, Ob/Gyn, PS) RVT

A native of Savannah Georgia, has been a sonographer for over 9 years. Her first year as an ultrasound clinical preceptor she was awarded “Clinical Preceptor of the Year”. She holds membership with the SDMS and ASRT organizations. Many would say she is outgoing, funny, energetic, self-motivating, compassionate and committed to teaching. After successfully being a contributing author of a recent ultrasound textbook she worked on creating SONONOTES™ Pediatric Sonography Study Guide. She has obtained a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Radiologic Sciences and is currently a PhD candidate in a Radiation Sciences program in Virginia. Yonella enjoys teaching, crafting, traveling, and building her coin collection.

What Our Readers Are Saying

“We find out 60 days after we take it. It was tough but I think I did well enough to pass….Sono Notes Peds review is a MUST. She covered a lot that was on the exam. Yonella Demars thank you!!!”


“I purchased this today….I highly recommend it for those working in a pediatric setting or studying for their peds registry. Well written, great images, organized and very informative. This is a fantastic review book!!”

Y. Leonard

“I have purchased it and it was GODSEND-it came out 2 weeks prior to my exam and as you know study material for PS doesn’t exist aside from text books, this is the only honed in, registry prep currently out there that I know of and I passed! A lot of what was on the exam was covered in this review, Good Luck!!”

R. Rittinger

A must have for those wanting the “need to know” of pediatric ultrasound exams!

L. Logan

This is a great resource!!! Used this to study and passed!

K. Petros

I highly recommend this study guide! This came out a couple weeks before I took my Pediatric exam, it was perfect timing. It was a great review to help make sure I covered all areas… and I PASSED! Thanks for such a great review!!!!!

B. Stoever

I found your book very well written and correlated well with the board.

K. Bird

It was awesome. I took the peds boards and passed!


“…thank you for such as well organized straight forward study guide. The post-test was a great review on its own.”

D. Neubauer

“Your book is all is used to study and I just wanted to say thank you for such great study material”


“Loved sono notes. I passed.”

J. Bean

“The book rocks!”

H. Waken

“I highly recommend this guide”

K. Petros

“Study SONONOTES, it breaks it down and focuses on the most common things”


“I passed using only SONONOTES”


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