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The SONONOTES Continuing Education Scholarship supports at least one student/sonographer yearly with payment of one registry fee. This is a continued education-based scholarship awarded to those associated with the ultrasound profession who are eager to successfully pass registries through the ARDMS. Applicants are recognized for their desire to expand their knowledge in the ultrasound field and become part of a community of sonographers that promote quality care and patient safety.

SONONOTES will accept applications from students who have successfully passed the ARDMS SPI exam and from registered sonographers who are seeking to obtain an additional credential. The application and required documents must be mailed and postmarked by May 25. Late applications will not be accepted. SONONOTES CONTINUING EDUCATION scholars will be notified via email immediately after the selection process is complete. Scholarships will be disbursed beginning Aug 22.

Eligibility Requirements


Must be a current sonography student or registered sonographer. If you are a student you must provide an ARDMS number and proof of successfully passing the SPI examination and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. If you are a sonographer you must provide an ARDMS number and be in good standing with the ARDMS (verified by judges).

All applicants must complete this Sononotes Continuing Education Scholarship Application and submit it with required documents to:

SONONOTES Continuing Education Scholarship P.O. Box 1102 Troy, VA 22974

We are not responsible for the mishandling of your documents. Tracking is always encouraged.

Applicants MAY NOT:

Submit more than one application or have been awarded the SONONOTES Continuing Education Scholarship in the past.