Be a heard sonographer!

I recently got the opportunity to travel to Trinidad and speak at a World Congress. Of course I was part of the ultrasound sessions that were not as popular as I would have liked. However, I was able to attend several ultrasound lectures that were filled with  resources and interesting information that I will be able to share with others in the ultrasound profession. As I sat in these conferences I was trying to figure out why ultrasound is underrepresented. It must be that those in the ultrasound profession are not sharing their ideas, interesting cases, or experience whether good or bad. I know all of you have something to share something that will benefit the person beside you or the person trying to walk in the footsteps that many of us leave behind. Managers and lead sonographer should encourage all their sonographers to create at least 1 CME eligible PowerPoint lecture a year and present it in their monthly meetings. Not only will this boost your confidence but will get you on your way to creating more of these lectures and eventually presenting these at ultrasound conferences. Check out the SDMS, AIUM, or local societies to find our how you can make your voice on a topic heard.

I am very passionate about learning and teaching others. Are you bashful or shy??? No problem. Have you ever considered telling a story, your story to sonography students or other sonographers. Maybe your story/experience will inspire others to give a lecture on it. Hopefully, they will give you just as much credit for sharing as they will receive for presenting it. I want to challenge all of you to become active in our national or your local societies. If you were a part of a new technique or emerging “new” thing in sonography share it with others.

I have a case that is not of my own but from a young lady who experienced birthing a child with severe occipital/parietal encephalocele and gastroschisis. Her story and more about this diagnosis will be posted soon.

Keep thinking beyond the waves~